Stupid Exercise Invention of the Week: Hawaii Chair!

How had I not seen this before? This is one that is so ridiculous you kind of feel stupid for believing it’s real. You’re watching it and you’re almost arguing with yourself, “there is no way this is real, right?”. Oh it is.

“It takes the work out of your work day!” Boom, I’m sold. You got the old lady in theĀ upper left box at the endĀ taking it to the next level putting her arms up, probably having flash backs of the sailor she made it with just before Pearl Harbor. I’m not sure the yoga stretch pants and Under Armor tops are necessary to wear during these workouts either.

Let me give you some professional advice. If you bring one of these babies to work be prepared to be fired for not taking your job serious. I’m not sure, “but it feels so good on my abs” will get you out of it.

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