Stupid Exercise Invention of the Week: Cool Shapes!

Cool Shapes! Of course, just put ice packs in your pants.

You should read the article by Liz Neporant (crazy looking lady pictured below) of AOL Health.  She decided that the news was slow enough to actually try Cool Shapes.

Basically the idea behind them is that the cool temperature will help shrink fat (white fat actually). There have been findings that cold temperatures help turn white fat in to, the easier to access, brown fat.  However, much like what Dr. Aaron Cypess a researcher for the New England Journal of Medicine says, cold temperature on the surface of the body is completely different than cooling the bodies internal temperature.

Dr. Cypess, now a hero of mine, responded to Liz Neporant’s phone call with, “I’ve been waiting for this call.”…… “I knew the day would come when someone would try to mislead the public with my research.”

Even after Dr. Cypess explained how Cool Shapes actually made no sense Liz and her relentless commitment to journalism still tried the shorts for 30 days. She froze her butt off but her butt didn’t go anywhere and all her measurements stayed the same…..shocking.

I’m not sure what’s worst, the invention or the price….$100! I was thinking about buying them just as a mobile AC unit. Outdoor weddings, graduations, ball games….my legs would be chilling. Beer getting warm? Stick in your pants!


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