Stupid Exercise Invention of the Week!: Booty Pop

In the world’s never ending attempt to make any type of physical activity unnecessary– I bring you the Booty Pop. When I watched this I was insulted on so many levels.

It doesn’t give you, “a super sexy booty just like the celebrities” because……. it’s NOT YOUR BOOTY! It’s like false advertising. I understand its revolutionary engineering with “strategically placed pads” but it must feel like wearing a diaper, not to mention how disappointing it will be when someone discovers that your booty……. doesn’t…….. in fact………pop.

You’ve insulted my intelligence Booty Pop, but then you attack my passion? Telling people, “you can forget about doing endless squats”…..! Right to the heart Booty Pop. You didn’t have to go there. I didn’t start this. I didn’t go out and yell at people for stuffing their pants (but I am now). Now you go out there and attack squatter’s? That’s rude! Don’t you dare come out with a men’s version.

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