Stupid Exercise Invention of the Week!: Aqua Abs

This is basically what is called a Roman Chair/Captain’s Chair┬ámade out of a PVC pipe┬ápatio chair, so the inventor gets an A+ for making something out of home goods and trying to sell it. At first you might have even thought, “hey, that’s not too bad. It looks like it’s relaxing” and then you realized you DON”T HAVE a pool! Step one…pool. Step two….Aqua Abs. Would you really take that with you to the public pool? I don’t think so. However, I am currently on the phone with the inventor discussing the option of placing functional legs that attach to the bottom to make it a real PBC pipe patio chair…….BOOM!

Sit at the pool with a margarita in your chair and when you’re done take the legs off and work that shit off! It’s the full pool experience.

The light just went off in my head again! Put a cup holder on it! Pool….beer…Aqua Abs.

Seriously what’s worse, the Aqua Abs or the chick’s boob job? I hope she kept the receipt.


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