So You Think You Can’t Dance: Man Edition

So You Think You Can’t Dance: Man Edition

By Nan Gibbons

It’s no secret that the average male has a significant lack of dance
skills. While women reliably count down to the weekend and the ability to
go out to clubs, men try to seem as busy with other things as possible.
Sure, they’d love to go dance — but there’s this game, at this bar, and,
um, the refrigerator needs to cleaned out.

But in an era when the gyms that men so often frequent are offering all
kinds of cardio-intensive dancing classes, the era of men who can’t dance
is over! Or at least it will be, if someone can ever convince them to sign
up for one of those classes. That might be the next step in this long

A Good Workout

Men have long been the predominant gender in the gym; and, with muscle
definition being the holy grail of their workouts, they’ve been known to
suffer long hours on the treadmill, the bike, or the rowing machine. The
problem is, those machines require utter boredom in order to burn a few
calories that could be much better spent in a dance class like zumba or a
hip hop aerobics class.

No longer must men stare, like zombies, at the ESPN SportsCenter (with
closed captioning!) in front of them while they mind-numbingly run away
their body fat percentage. Hip hop aerobics classes have a thumping,
exciting soundtrack of all the latest mixes and releases — and they have
the added benefit of teaching men how to shake it. If that isn’t a winning
combination, maybe Zumba will be.

Zumba bills itself as not just a workout, but a party — and how many men
love to party? Their partying might be what keeps them in the gym for such
long hours from Monday through Friday, after all. Zumba spices it up with
latin and international sounds, all while teaching the delicate art of
dance. And lest all men think that this class is for women only, it’s worth
noting that Zumba was developed by a man.

Social Benefits

There’s no denying that the average hip hop aerobics or Zumba class is
predominantly attended by women. While some men might think that means it’s
off limits or “not many enough,” the smart man knows that this type of
scenario offers major opportunities for social “benefits.”

Instead of going to the gym and interacting with other guys who happen to
running or lifting at the same time, why not shake up your routine and your
social life at the same time? Dance classes offer plenty of opportunities
to interact with fitness-minded women who will, more like than not, respect
and admire a man who takes a risk and challenges himself to learn how to

After all, if it’s true that women spend their weekend nights out on the
town, unwinding in dance clubs, why wouldn’t a man want to take advantage
of that and land himself a date? Any girl would be crazy to turn down a man
who can keep up with her on the dance floor.

. . . . .

Nan Gibbons is a fitness and wellness expert who loves to share her love of health with others. After going for years without health insurance  in college, she learned that staying fit is the secret to keeping healthy and away from the doctor. She is a jetset blogger (check out, runner, and Twitter expert!

I don’t know guys. . . . do you think you can dance in class? Ladies, do you mind the men in there?



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