So you don’t think you have what it takes?

A common attitude many overweight and unfit individuals have is that they think they don’t have what it takes to become better. Whether they define “better” as skinnier, healthier, more athletic, stronger, or more muscular, they have a perception of which they can not see themselves with those results. In fact I have clients that actually achieve those results and have a hard time believing. It can be terribly debilitating.

This pessimistic attitude is the result of failed attempt after failed attempt. And when that happens it can really wear on you, especially if everyone around you looks just like you. If your friends and family are overweight it can be tough to “see the light” (no pun intended, ok…maybe intended.) At that point it’s easier to quit. To begin to rationalize with ourselves on why we can’t do it, or worse, we think it can’t be done.

Forget what the end result is. It doesn’t really matter. Can’t see yourself skinny or strong? Then stop thinking about it. Start DOING the things that will make you skinny or strong. Focus on the next step. Step….repeat. Step…repeat.  Your objective is not to lose 50lbs, it’s to lose 1lb….then repeat. I want to deadlift 500lbs by my birthday in September. I can left 445lbs right now. I’m not going  to try 5oolbs tomorrow I’m going to pull 45olbs first.

As the old saying goes, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right”.

I see it everyday. I have over 5 female clients who can squat their weight loaded on a barbell for reps. I have a young woman with a neuromuscular disease who can’t walk but can do as many chin-ups as I can.  I have a woman who just turned 50 deadlift nearly twice her weight.  Another has lost over 50lbs and is about to run her second marathon in less than a year. One’s with severe depression, osteopenia, sciatica, vertigo….the list continues. You don’t have to be perfect you just need to believe you can then go out and do it.



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