Sitting on my ass

I’m sitting on my ass, finally. I can’t say I mind morning cardio sessions, heck I often enjoy them. It is nice to have a morning off. By the end of my cutting diet I was up to 45 minutes for 6 mornings a week. It’s kind of nice not having cardio hanging over my head. Today, I got up and went to work like a normal human being. No steep inclines, no stairs, no sweating, nada. Over the last 3 months I think I watched every episode of Married with Children which, for my enjoyment, is aired from 6-7am on weekdays.

What am I talking about? After a week my blood will be itching like a crack addict to get back on there. I must be a sweat addict, I’m still waiting to come home, open my apartment door and ……”Dad….Mom….Lyz….what are you doing here?”

“Son, this is an intervention.” “We are putting you in sweaters annonymous!”

“NOooooooo”, I scream as they drag me out of there.

Oh well. I hope the clinic has a gym 😉


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