Simplify First

Here in America we are “go-getters”. We kick-ass then take names. We work hard for the money, so hard for the money. Maybe it is the way we are raised but we are always being pushed to DO MORE. To be successful we must DO MORE than everyone else. To some degree that works……

It is no wonder that when people come to adopt a fat loss program/routine/intervention it’s all about MORE. More cardio, more spin classes, more salads, more, more more. Everything is additional to what we already do, which is too much in the first place. We love instant gratification. If I DO this…I GET that. In over our heads we load even more on the plate. For whatever reason saying NO…being passive…patient… just doesn’t work.

In my experience I find the opposite. I find that resolutions, goals, methods work more effectively when we declare to STOP doing something. Remove something, erase the negatives. Stop the cycle of adding things to your life. When you run out of energy and will power you’ll fail, again, at obtaining your long term goal. This time simplify and win. Save your focus, energy, wallet, time and health.


Before starting a new goal that is “additional” (i.e.. I will workout more) try to subtract a negative from your life (I will reduce cheese and mayo on my sandwich). After practicing your “reduction” method effectively you may then add an “additional” method.

Now you’ve just saved time, stress, and calories. Simple.


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  • Tom James

    Loved the article. More studies has shown that eating frequently does not really improve your metabolism and hence fat burning. It’s on pubmed and worth checking out. Thanks