Should trainers put themselves out of business?

In many ways a good trainer or coach should be continually putting themselves out of business. If we do our job as trainers many clients should not need us as they create their own healthy lifestyle. I applaud all the trainers who are great motivators and drill sergeants, pushing their clients to work hard. BUT, as trainers and coaches we must be more than that. We should also educate our client and push them to adopt our training styles and methods so in the future they can develop programs of their own. Trainees should also understand WHY we preform the exercises. I tell my clients all the time that everything we do is for a reason and we never just do things to do them. I encourage them to ask questions and many do.

Over time we hope the client internalizes everything we have taught them. This would include a trainer’s energy, attitude, and enthusiasm for a healthy life style, basic bio-mechanics of the body, exercise safety, and baseline knowledge of muscle building and fat loss. Beyond internalizing that information we need to practice incorporating the workings of a healthy lifestyle. This would include forming habits, structuring workouts, and creating a healthy diet.

If we do so in an effective manner there may come a time that our client/student/trainee may no longer need us. Take it as a compliment. It is your time to take a back seat. You can still be part of their healthy life style as a liaison to fitness, the one they call on with questions and problems for the rest of their life.


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