Rhabdomyolysis: Considerations When Scaling Your CrossFit WOD

A great CrossFit Coach effectively scales their workouts for members where it is necessary. Depending on the member’s needs that may include shortening the ROM, intensity, impact, resistance, etc.¬†Another consideration I’d like to bring up is scaling the total amount of volume for a lesser conditioned member or “athlete”. Many CrossFit workouts or “WODs” are high repetition since much of CrossFit-ing’s benefits stem from high work capacity training.

Beyond the basic modifications such as box jumps to steps and pull-ups to band assisted pull-ups let’s also put some thought into reducing the total amount of repetitions a beginner or deconditioned member may perform to reduce overuse injuries and more importantly Rhabdomyolysis.

I found this summary on Rhabdomyolysis by Bret Contreras especially helpful and a must read for CrossFit coaches. Let me highlight the three underlying components associated with cases of Rhabdomyolysis to help you avoid it:

– Deconditioned athletes

– Highly repetitive exercises

– High amounts of eccentric load

We are responsible for sharpening and improving this amazing sport of CrossFit and that will only happen if we take better care of those who are just beginning their fitness journey and educating ourselves on how to do it.

– Josh Gould ( Boston Personal Trainer)



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