Rest/Pause Intervals

To continue our Intensity Principle Series we will look at Rest/Pause Intervals.

Rest/Pause Intervals are performed by resting/pausing mid-set with the intentions to extend the set by performing more reps which could not have been performed otherwise.

This can be utilized when the movement can no longer be done with the intention to exhaust the muscle further. A rest/pause can recruit just enough energy, focus, and allow breathing to catch up to the workload.

Example; Dumbbell curls

Goal: Hypertrophy ( increase muscle size)

After warming up with prior sets I am ready to fully exhaust the muscle (often described as taking the muscle to “failure”).  My target is to reach muscular failure between my given rep range, let’s use 12 repetitions. I curl the weight with continuous well paced motion. After performing rep 8 I am unsure if I can perform another repetition (#9). I use a rest/pause interval by keeping the weight at the bottom portion of the movement where the muscle is not contracted.

A take just enough time to gather enough strength to continue my set. “couple deep breathes, rep 9, good, rep 10, good” Again, my muscle is taxed so I perform another rest/pause interval. “couple deep breathes, rep 11 and rep 12.”  I have met mark and the set is over. If I had not used rest/pause intervals I would have stopped at rep 8.

Of course this can be done with the majority of exercises.

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