Restaurant Survival- Mexican

Dining out is a part of life. . . so is dieting.     How the hell do we do both? We just need to know the right things to choose on the menu and more importantly the right substitutions to make.

Today’s Restaurant Survival–Mexican!

American-Mexican food is basically 5 or 6 combinations of the same ingredients. However, with the right substitutions, Mexican, can be one of our healthiest choices when dining out. Who would’ve thought!

Mexican is very carbohydrate dense; tortilla, rice, beans, chips, etc. Drop a couple and you can really turn this meal around.

Right carbs:

  • Veggies: peppers, onions, tomatoes, ……. more peppers
  • Beans! : refried, black, red, lentils (legumes)

Wrong carbs:

  • Nacho chips
  • tortilla
  • rice


Right toppings:

  • enchilada sauce
  • salsa
  • guacamole

Wrong toppings:

  • sour cream
  • cheese

Skip the nacho appetizers and build your perfect meal. Choose any of the meats: chicken, pork, or beef and team it up with any of the “right” choices listed above.  Excellente!


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