Restaurant Survival- Italian

Dining out is a part of life. . . so is dieting. How the hell do we do both? We just need to know the right things to choose on the menu and more importantly the right substitutions to make.

Today’s Restaurant Survival–Italian!

Chances are you’re getting pasta:

  • avoid butter or cream based sauces and choose the red gravy
  • you don’t have to eat ALL the pasta
  • try some pesto instead

Order a tasty protein topping with your pasta:

  • protein helps slow the digestion of the carbohydrate rich pasta and provides a better “macro-nutrient ratio”.
  • shoot for chicken or seafood–just avoid fried or breaded

Italian dinner usually includes salad and bread:

  • keep the salad simple: avoid croutons and creamy dressings
  • SKIP the bread! You’re going to be eating pasta anyway, that’s enough enriched flour for one month.


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