Restaurant Survival- Breakfast Diner

I had to pause after deciding to choose “breakfast diner” as today’s Restaurant Survival. Usually it’s pretty easy for me to turn any bad meal into a do-able one.  Breakfast Diner….not so easy.  Just like the other menus it is riddled with carbohydrates, good, bad, but in general just far to many. The only good news is that at least it’s breakfast and if I give anyone a little slack on their diet it’s for breakfast.

Common sense will tell us not to choose the over-indulgent breakfast that goes by the name of “Grand Slam” or “Hungry Man Special”, etc. You know, the type of meal that is more of a dare.      Menu: “Come on big boy, you’re not just going to order 2 eggs and 2 pancakes are you? You like the menu, why not try a bit of everything for around $10.”    Calm your breakfast ego and skip the challenge.

When I do scan the pages of the menu there is little left to desire. So, instead of of telling you what you shouldn’t eat it is easier to tell you what you can eat. . . .according to me at least.

  • Eggs are gooood just keep the yolks to two or less (so most omelletes are out)
  • Choose your carb and keep it moderate. You have plenty to choose from: pancakes, waffles, fruit, oatmeal, toast, muffins, bagels, baked beans, home fries, hashbrowns etc. Pick one and call it a day.
  • Order your toast “dry”
  • Meat Side? Always choose ham over sausage or bacon.
  • Skip the OJ.    Nutritious? slightly, but loaded with sugar.


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