Resolution Help: Not your average resolutions


Not your average resolutions that could help you lose weight in the new year.

  • Make more of your own meals (a diet in itself). “I will make all my lunches during the week”. OR “I will make dinner 4 nights a week.”
  • Try new things at the gym (and go to the gym more). “I will try each group fitness class at my local gym”.  OR “I will perform two different Cardio of the Week’s every week.”
  • Find a workout buddy. This is the best time of the year to find someone as focused on fitness as you are.
  • Find an article of clothing you don’t fit in anymore and try it on once every week until it fits.
  • Eat breakfast….. and actually do it. Devise a plan. Set the alarm earlier, prepare something at night, find a quicker meal to enjoy.
  • Register for a road race. Don’t just tell yourself you’ll run a road race but actually sign-up for one BEFORE New Year’s Eve.
  • Limit your drinking. “I will only drink 1 night a week.” OR “I will only have 3 drinks when I go out to the bar.”
  • Set up a vacation for a location requiring you to wear a bathing suit in the up coming months. This will put a deadline on your fat loss efforts. When we have a time frame for our goals we will work harder to achieve them.

S.M.A.R.T Goals


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