Reebok’s claims of Toning Shoes False, pays big time ($25 mil)

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I hate to say it but…..I told you sooooo! Actually I take that back, I love saying that. Reebok can crumble for all I care. Don’t trick people into buying your stuff and on top of that give them expectations of reduced body fat and increased muscle activation.

But, it goes beyond that. This is one of thousands of useless consumer products promising fitness results. Then these poor people walk into my door for help and don’t know what to think. Consumers in America and all over the world becoming further from the truth–you can’t make exercise easier!      If it’s easy it doesn’t work, it’s not worth doing! You have to do the work…..not equipment…..not apperal. Save your money and time.

BUT I know my readers are smarter than that because you’re intelligent and beautiful and listen to me. You people can’t be tricked.


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