Reader email tips for this week

So, I have had a crazy busy week so far and I feel like I’ve been neglecting my readers, who have sent me awesome tips this week for stuff to post. As of right now I don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel as far as posting some new/awesome information. I wanted to write on these articles that were sent to me but I don’t have the time and felt bad keeping them all to myself! Funny reads and other links. Check them out.

Professor goes all out and kind of pisses me off, with the Twinkie Diet

This should be filed under my “How I know the end is near” articles…The Hear Attack Grill…..yeah, it gets worse. *Site seems to be down right now but should be working again at some point.

Screw working out just photo-shop…and a great list of other interesting reads and “educainment” with DPT Mike Scott

If you get trapped on a crippled cruise ship they fly-in and deliver Spam, Pop Tarts, and crab meat…sign me up!

That should keep you laughing for a bit. If you want more updates be sure to join us over on facebook and twitter for riveting, mind blowing conversation.



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