Progress Pics!

Week 12

204 lbs; This is what I looked like when I started my diet program. A lot of fat in the stomach, like most men. You really can’t see my hard earned muscle gained over the winter, but it’s there! Stay tuned.

Week 11

201 lbs; Changes already, my waist will start to appear and cut in, you can see the veins in my arms and my shoulders will start to pop out and be rounded.

Week 10

199 lbs; Minor changes again, remember these changes are happening in only 7 days so everything is right on pace.

Week 9

197lbs; Starting to turn the corner! Fat really being dropped around the gut, waist and hips. Waist is really shrinking and my top 4 abs will start to show. The bottom of my belly (where I hold most of my fat will start to smooth out).

I’ll post updated pictures as I go. Things will really start to change from here on out.


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