Pregnant people can workout too!

Here are some  tips for the mothers-to-be.

            Moderate exercise is considered walking 3-4 mph on treadmill. Higher intensity exercise can be performed 3-5 times a week but never on 2 consecutive days. Women who were not physically active before pregnancy should wait until the second trimester to start a program. High resistance and isometric (holds, i.e. plank)  lifting should be avoided. (isometric exercises have shown to dramatically raise blood pressure) Any type of Valsalva maneuver (it’s like holding your breath but putting pressure on your lungs to blow it out) should also be avoided. Something comfortable for the client should be the priority. Many cardiovascular forms of exercise are recommended along with resistance training but added dangers are also present when working with weights. However, weight training can also benefit the mother while adapting to the changes of pregnancy.



Low- Impact Aerobics





Workouts should raise heart rates to no more than 140bpm and she be consistent at 60-75% of maximum heart rate. The mother’s perceived exertion should remain between 3 and 5 on the Borg Scale.


It is appropriate for workouts to range from 30-60 minutes. The mother should be cautious when exercising over 45 minutes as not to become too exhausted or hot, as it could hurt both mother and baby. Exercises should be performed in a cool comfortable area.


Client should remain asymptomatic throughout work out.

Doctor’s clearance is necessary for all pregnant clients who wish to exercise.

Hydration is important.

 Note that mother is exercising for the right reasons, weight loss is not recommended during pregnancy.

Here is a simple sample workout that one can perform.

1-2 Sets of every exercise ranging from 10-12 repetitions.

  • Squats depending on comfort (w/ ball etc.)
  • Kegals
  • Cat, Cow exercise
  • Rev flies
  • Cable rows
  • Lat pull down
  • (Verticle) Chest press machine
  • DB curls, standing if comfortable, 3rd trimester sitting 


-Josh Gould

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