Pick your battles…

There are many things that annoy me about the industry and the  misinformation the general public receives by misleading sources (infomercials, main stream media, tabloids, etc).  So I try not to get upset with clients when they are confused about information.

I will share one thing that gets under my skin. When we don’t pick our battles. This is in regards to many aspects of diet and exercise, especially when it comes to fat loss. Let me give you some examples of poor “battle picking” in the form of conversations with clients of mine.

Client: ” I need to lose fat. I’m on a diet and I’ve switched my morning coffee from cream and sugar to skim and Splenda”.

Me: “That’s a good start. How was your weekend?”

Client: “Oh man, I got wasted at the bar and ate an entire bag of Doritos when I got home”

This is a small and typical example. People are worried about how to take their coffee because they are “extremely frustrated” with their fat loss, then each weekend it’s back to pigging out on things they KNOW are not good. This is not a matter of miseducation.  Start with the few changes that give you the largest impact on fat loss.  The difference between cream and skim milk does not turn someone over weight into a fitness model. Remove the worst things first. Don’t get caught up in all these little things when the problem is staring you in the face.

The same goes with exercise. People demand to know what the most efficient workout is. They’ll say something like, “I need a great program that will tone my arms and drop fat off my waist”.  I’ll take the time to create a great program for them only to find them snoozing on the elliptical twice per week from that point on.

Before looking outward for all the answers you think you’re missing, take a good look at yourself and your current mistakes. Indentify your level of motivation and ability to form good habits. Do not wear yourself out researching the small things. Learn to pick your battles…

“Thinking the problem is ‘out there’, is the problem” -Stephen Covey


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