Paradigm Shift: Is exercise refuge for you?

Very often I talk about paradigm and perception on this site or with my clients. It is often the main topic of my presentations when I speak at conferences. To me, it is a deciding factor of whether a healthy lifestyle will truly be adopted or not.

Over the last couple weeks one topic related to perception and paradigm has come to my attention whether I have been conversing with other trainers, clients, or the general public. To some exercise is refuge from those less desirable things in lifeĀ and to the rest it is one of those less desirable things in life. That is a serious line in the paradigm sand.

Too easily our days or weeks get turned upside down, despite our best efforts. We get colds, unwanted family visits, work projects get dropped on our desks, your son punches the bus driver, or you find out that girl on eharmony you just met doesn’t look anything like her profile picture……shit happens. Life happens. And when life happens our perception of exercise will declare whether we workout or not. Some of us can’t wait until we can reach that squat rack so we can burn off some steam and the others will excuse themselves from working out because “shit happened”. Exercise is cast aside as a non-priority.

Do you do that? Is exercise a refuge to save the day or avoided? Take inventory of your current perceptions of fitness. I don’t think I need to explain which is better. Turn negative into positive by doing something for your body (and your mind) and workout, it is after all, a limited offer.



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