Our best body part

The one part of the body that always gets overlooked in the gym is the brain, our minds. We rely on cardio equipment to help us lose weight and dumbbells to help us gain muscle but we should use our own mind as a resource to reach our fitness goals.

 I have personally changed my body for the better ever since high school and now help others to do the same. With this experience I know first hand that how we think is just as important, if not more so, than exercising or dieting. I am a firm believer that the mind can will the body to change. If we always think about how we want it to look or perform we subconsciously make decisions to create it. Staying positive and believing that you are reaching your goal is continuous reaffirmation and your resources to reach those goals will gravitate towards you. If you haven’t had success in the gym take it from someone who has. Take proper action to reach your goals but use your mind to believe in your improvements. Do not be afraid to succeed or be disappointed. Believe that “Thoughts become things”, “As you think, so shall you be”, or “We become what we think about all day long”.  Negative thoughts will do the opposite. If you don’t think positive thoughts about yourself and if you don’t like yourself, who else will? It’s about enforcing positive thoughts, positive feelings, expectations and experiences.

-Josh Gould

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