Obscure Goal Setting

I want to talk about goal setting. Yes, I know that you all know how important goal setting is. Instead I wanted to discuss unlikely goals that we can set for ourselves. Goals do not need to always be tallied as pounds lost, body fat percentage, miles ran, weight lifted, etc.

Goals can be obscure as you want them to be. I decided to write about this when I was shaving my beard this morning. I chuckled as I remembered a time in my life in high school that I grew and kept a “chin strap” beard.

 A “chin strap” beard is a very thin line that only runs along your jaw line. I grew it because I thought it made me look thinner by splitting up my chin and …well, my second chin. I was overweight a good deal of high school and was very insecure about it. I thought the beard might help me look slim. As I started to diet and exercise to lose weight I would shave the beard and see how it looked. After time and losing about 40lbs I was finally down to one chin and my goal had been reached. No more “chin strap” for me (phew!). I’m not sure how my girlfriend put up with that.

So what can your new goal be? Pick an old pair of jeans or dress that doesn’t fit anymore and try to bring it out of retirement.

It’s OK to think outside the box when setting goals as long as it’s realistic.


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