Nutrient Timing; Performance

Nutrient Timing

Eating the proper amount, type, and quality of calories for performance or for fat loss.

Today I will discuss, in simple (perhaps too simple) terms, nutrient timing in regards to; Performance

Goal; Use our own energy stores efficiently to create maximum, power, strength, and/or endurance.

My simple definitions of energy sources and when they are used by the body;

Creatine- immediate energy (about 1-3 seconds)

Glucose- blood sugar ( if available 1-2 minutes)

Glycogen- muscles energy (2-5 minutes on and off)

Fat- last resort (30 minutes of low intensity exercise)

Muscles are like water balloons –

Filled with blood (water) and stored energy (carbohydrates)

When there is room blood sugar will become glycogen if the body isn’t using glucose.

Performance objective;

Store as much energy in our muscles as possible for contest, competition, workout, etc.

How do we do that?

  • Train and drain! –train hard enough to empty the water balloons as much as possible (glycogen depletion)  -examples
  • Consume enough carbohydrates (simple and complex) to fill the balloons which has now been stretched to adapt to the work load
  • Slowly your body is able to hold more energy as glycogen and not fat

Performance objective;

Maintain or build muscle to better performance.

How do we do that?

  • Steady amounts of quality protein through out the day.
  • Higher amounts of protein post training for repair.
  • Higher amounts of protein upon waking.

*Keep in mind that these are my own definitions and were created to be easily digested and understood by the reader. If you have any questions or would like to know more about nutrient timing email me at [email protected]

Tomorrow I will review nutrient timing in regards to fat loss.


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