Nutrient Timing; Fat Loss

If you have been following my posts on nutrient timing you know I have created some easily understood definitions and explanations of  nutrient timing. Nutrient Timing; Performance & Nutrient Timing; Protein

Nutrient Timing and Fat loss-

Recover our metabolism and eat in a way which allows the body to burn stored energy from fat (adipose tissue).

Fat Loss Objective;

Keep the metabolism firing and burning calories.

  • Manage appetite.
  • Balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fat, and water.
  • Eat upon rising/ balance carb intake.
  • View food as Energy. (Do I need this energy right now?)


Burn stored fat

  • Choosing healthy fats
  • Ingest complex carbohydrates
  • Eat in moderation….If a meal has an abundance of fat, carbohydrates, protein, or calories the body will be forced to store some of it. Generally it is stored as adipose tissue (FAT). So, decide how much you body needs to consume per feeding.

The Night Club in your Belly

Imagine your belly is a night club (an all too popular one). Just like popular clubs there is usually a line at the door. The line is the meal you are eating and the line consists of macro-nutrients (fat, carbs, protein).  The bouncer at the door (to your stomach/club) designates what room the patrons in line go to. The club has a dance floor (protein goes there), the bar (carbs), and the VIP section (where the fats go to lay around).

As the protein rolls in the bouncer sends them to the dance floor (they like being active). The line seems to have a lot of carbohydrates trying to get into the club. The bouncer sends them to the bar but soon the bar room fills up!  The same thing happens to the VIP room which is rather small and fills quickly. The line just seems too long to allow everyone in to the club (stomach is full and the body has enough macro-nutrients for its needs).

The line is rowdy (stomach feeling full) and still wants to get in. The bouncer has only one choice! Send them to the lounge (adipose/body fat) where they can wait in hopes to get in (used by the body) at a later time.

The abundance of food (patrons in line) was just stored as fat.

What to do?

  • Get people in and out of the club quicker (faster metabolism)
  • Keep the lines smaller and steady.
  • Keep a proper ratio (Big dance floor=high protein) (Bar Room= moderate amounts of carbs) (Small VIP Room= lesser amounts of fats)

Thanks for coming 😉

-Josh Gould

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