* Notable Changes for Weeks 10 & 9

Thanks for following along with my diet journal!

This is a recap of what has happened so far;

  • Week 13 (not posted) I designed how I was going to diet and train for the upcoming weeks. Improving your diet takes practice. I shopped for the foods I wanted and did all the math to find out the nutritional information of the meals. For that first week I allow myself to make mistakes and experiment how feasible the diet will be with my current lifestyle (very important, no sense in starting something you have no chance of completing ). This includes timing of meals, cost of food, nutrient timing, testing my appetite and energy levels, and of course taste! More importantly I start to remove processed foods, delivery, and dining out. This step alone allowed me to lose 3 lbs in the first week. I originally topped off at 204 lbs (not posted). Once I removed purchasing prepared food and started eating my own my body flushed a lot of salt and water. It should also be noted how much better my body felt afterwards.
  • Weeks 12 & 11– I began to fine tune my diet and get into a rhythm. The time it takes to prepare my food becomes more efficient. My cardio sessions also fall into rhythm. I also practice finding the amount of food my body actually wants. If I feel like I’m eating to much I reduce my serving. If my energy is way down I will include more food. I should also be continuing to lose weight. Weighing myself this morning I was 199lbs. This means for week 11 I lost 2lbs. That means I am right on target. (The body can only remove about 2lbs of *body fat per week). I was able to lose weight without reducing my food intake. I have only changed the foods I eat (very important). I then look back and add up my totals for Carbs, protein, and fats to discover my starting point for changes here-on-out. This is what I got;
  • Carbs- Average was (275- 300g) per day
  • Protein- About 250g per day
  • Fats- Very low about 50g

Notable changes for Weeks 10 & 9

This is where it gets interesting and my dieting program really starts to take affect. For the next 2 weeks the following changes will be made.

  • Cardio sessions upon waking change from 4x week for 25 mins to 4x week for 30 mins.
  • Carbs will be changed from 275g per day to 225g per day (-50g), I will most likely remove the carbohydrates from meals later in the day.
  • Fats and Protein will stay the same
  • Weight training will stay the same (6x per week)
  • I will only have a cheat meal if I feel like I need one.

I can’t say the diet is easy, nor should it be, but it is NOT complicated.

If you are interested in a  8 , 10, 12, or 16 week diet and exercise program that WILL make you lose BODYFAT email me at [email protected]

*I will post some pictures soon!

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