Notable changes for week 9

Well everything is going really great. 3 weeks in, fat is dropping, I feel great, everything is going as expected. With a well designed diet and exercise program I have no fear that I will lose fat. You just need to stick to the program, be disciplined  and be patient. It is also important to make adjustments when need be.

Tomorrow (Monday) I will weigh myself again. If I am over 198 lbs I will add another morning of cardio. If I am below 198 lbs I will keep everything the same.

You might notice that I eat the same foods everyday. I do this for simplicity and to make all my cooking easier. This week I had an idea and will give it a whirl. I wanted to roast a whole chicken then cut it up, weigh it, and eat it for my mid-day meals throughout the week. Well, I wimped out this week but I did BUY a roast chicken and will give it a go! Even if I roast it myself it will allow me to prepare multiple meals with nice moist chicken with very little effort (set it and forget it!).  I will steam my rice and some asparagus and my meals are ready to go and I hardly did anything! Making your own meals really is easy with a little practice.


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