Notable changes for week 8

Thanks again for following my diet journal. I am currently on my second day of week 8.

So far my grand plan has worked. I have lost 9 total pounds in about 3 weeks. I do not want to lose anymore or any less. This is the perfect pace. I am currently 195lbs and started at 204lbs.

This week I will make some changes to my cardio and diet.

My morning cardio sessions will now be 5 times per week, up from just 4. They will remain at 30 mins each.

Last week I was consuming 225 grams of carbohydrates per day. This week I will slide it down to 200 grams for the next two weeks as long as I continue to lose weight. Remember everything is relative when it comes to fat loss. Small adjustments like this add up when given time.

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