Notable Changes for Week 5

So today is the first day of Week 5! It has gone by quick. 7 weeks in, 5 to go.

I think everything has gone really well. I feel tighter and look leaner and my weight has hovered around 190lbs. The trick with my style dieting is that I can’t get too comfortable and to lose noticeable amount of fat in this short time I have to keep making changes.

For Week 5:

I will have 2 consecutive days of 100 grams of carbohydrates followed by 1 day of 200 grams carbohydrates. This is a form of carb cycling. This will aid my fat loss without feeling drained and keeping me from burning muscle.


Last week I performed 5 sessions upon waking for 30 minutes. This week I will perform 6 sessions of 35 minutes.

Unfortunately the less body fat you have the harder you have to work to drop it.

I’m very excited about the next 5 weeks but it will take a lot of discipline and focus to reach my goals. This is when the program gets tough.

Thanks for following along and supporting.


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