National Bench Press Day!

Today is Monday and you know what that means!…..Chest Day!!! It’s the first day of the week so we must place our energy and attention on building pec’s so massive regular t-shits will become V-necks. Wait in line for the barbell press benches tonight or the “Jersey Shore Thing” one of my clients affectionately calls them. The bench press area is the land of loud grunts, poor form and half reps. Where the only math you need is counting the number of plates you have on each side of the bar. And it will be crowded tonight.

Today, I dare you to be bold and train something other than chest. Back, shoulders, hell maybe even…….legs!    I know, I know legs are hard and who wants that? Plus they don’t get you a pump in your arms and then you have no reason to wear a “cut-off” or a shirt that looks like it was sold at The Limited Too.

Be brave men and say, “today I will NOT train chest!” I’m going to squat, but I forget where the squat racks are.


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