My Cinco de Mayo 5 weight loss mistakes

You know how sometimes receiving no advice is the best advice? I think it’s the same with health in terms of thinking you know how to lose weight and being wrong. You’re better off not knowing and asking for help. Thinking you know how to lose weight can be detrimental to your fat loss goals.

Here are my Cinco de Mayo 5 weight loss mistakes I see all too often.

1. Cutting too many calories! This is number one for a reason. Since weight loss is relative once you go down in calories there is no turning back. Look to eat nutrient dense foods instead.

2. Insufficient cardio. Stop doing low intensity, long duration cardio. Every time you perform the same cardio it becomes less effective. Try high intensity interval training and cut down your time and body fat!

3. Cheating on your diet. I am not surprised to find out that everyone knows that a cheat meal can help with dieting (any excuse to eat badly).  Take it for what it is: a cheat MEAL. That means one per week, not day, and cheat meal does not mean cheat day!

4. Not eating breakfast. Skipping a meal can make you gain weight? Yes! Skipping meals slows down your metabolism especially after the body fasts all night. Eat or drink something upon rising.

5. Bad Beverages. Just because you don’t chew it doesn’t mean it has no calories, and those calories are usually sugar! Remember that alcohol has almost twice as many calories per gram as sugar!

By Josh Gould

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