Muscle Mistakes Part 2

Avoiding Leg Training/ SquattingGuys are lucky we don’t wear “speedos” here in America. Board shorts mean we don’t have to show our chicken legs even at the beach anymore. At some point men stopped focusing on leg training and focused on the muscles actually seen at the beach. We should take a lesson from the women! My female clients would never avoid leg training. Why do people avoid leg training? Because we can’t see our legs like we do our arms throughout the day and it’s just plain hard! Our legs contain enormous amounts of muscle and severely tax the body when trained intensely. In my opinion if there was only 1 muscle group you could train, I would pick legs. They burn the most calories to train and require the most calories to rebuild, leaving you burning calories hours after you’re done training. Training legs intensely also has an ability to release and tap into free testosterone in the lower body. This testosterone will help you build even more muscle in your upper body.

SquattingLearn it and love it. I can not place enough emphasis on how important this one exercise is to perform.

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