Muscle Meals! Snack time!

Muscle Meals! Snack time.

This is a healthy snack I’ve been making for years. It’s quick, easy and tastes pretty damn good.

We just need 3 things:

  • Low Fat cottage cheese
  • Natural Apple Butter
  • Ezekial bread/ english muffin

1. Toast some Ezekial bread (flowerless bread) or an english muffin. English muffins have less carbohydrates than bread in general because of their smaller size.

2. Spread a teaspoon of natural apple butter on each slice. You can also use jellies or jams but I highly recommend natural brands which don’t have added sugar.

3. Place a tablespoon of low fat cottage cheese on top of each slice. I like low fat cottage cheese because non-fat tastes awful and the full fat has a little to much fat for my liking.

Try it as a snack or a very quick breakfast full of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. Enjoy!

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