Method-Goals vs. Result-Goals

We know goals are important and the whole purpose to change is to reach a goal, whether you set one or not. We know declaring a goal is more effective. WRITING the goal down is even more effective. Writing a goal down in clear view is a constant reminder holding you accountable.

Often our goals describe the end result…”I will drop 20lbs by summer”….”I will fit in size 34 jeans”…..etc. I think there is a better way to set goals. Set a goal that will lead you to “drop 20lbs by summer”. Your goal would become the method not the result. Instead of “drop 20lbs by summer” your goal would be “I will perform 35 minutes of cardio 5 times per week”.  Because if you perform your Method-Goal you are more likely to reach your Result-Goal. If you can’t perform your Method-Goal you will never reach your Result-Goal. Get it??? Good!

Don’t just pick your ideal result and hope for the best. Complete the steps to get there first. One step at a time. When attempting to change the body the direction is far more important than the speed you travel to get there. Proper methods achieve results.


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