March 9, 2010

7:15am– Cardio (30 mins on stepmill), Stretching (10 mins)

8:50am-Meal 1- 6 DHA Omega-3 eggs (wholefoods) (3 whole, 3 whites), 1 cup Alexia frozen hashbrowns (cooked only in spray on pan), 2 slices ezekial bread

12:00pm– Meal 2- Sea Scallops (7 oz), 1/2 cup sticky rice, soy sauce

2:00pm– Meal 3- 93% Ground Sirloin, 1/2 cup sticky rice (cooked together in a pan with soy sauce, sea salt, pepper)

3:30pm– Workout (Legs)- Squats (5 sets), Marathon lunges (full length of basketball court and back w/ 45 lb bar on back, 2 sets), Step-ups on reverse hack squat machine (3 sets), weighted bridges (2 sets), lying hamstring curls superset w/ stiff leg deadlifts with dumbbells (3 sets).

5:00pm– Whey protein shake (30 g), 1 cup oatmeal

7:30pm– Grilled chicken kabob (8 oz), butternut squash, 1/2 cup spinach and rice

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