March 6, 2010

7:30am– Immediately upon waking I had some amino acids with some mixed berries. (This stops the catabolic affect of not eating all night and protects my muscle from being used as fuel)

8:00am– Meal 1- 6 DHA Omega-3 eggs (wholefoods) (3 whole, 3 whites), 1 cup Alexia frozen hashbrowns (cooked only in spray on pan), 2 slices ezekial bread

12:00pm– Meal 2- Ground Turkey (7 oz), 1/2 cup sticky rice, 1/2 cup peas

2:00pm– Workout (Bi’s and Tri’s)  tricep rope extensions, seated dumbbell curls, tricep cable press downs, Standing preacher curl, unilateral ( 1 arm at a time) reverse grip tricep extensions, front double bicep curls w/ cables (think standing up and flexing  your arms to the sides of your heads)

3:30pm– Meal 3- *Cheat meal! Yeah!- Reuben Sandwich, ice tea, fries! (Restaurant)

9:00pm– Meal 4- Steak Tips (8 oz), potato

>Really crazy day for my diet but this is expected on the weekends.  I just do my best to keep my diet on track and keep my cheat meals to a minimum. Today I had went out to lunch with my family so I made sure I got a good workout right before and not let the meal derail my efforts.

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