March 30, 2010

Weight: 193lbs (-11 lbs)

5:50am– Cardio- 30 minutes walking hill intervals, 10 minutes of stretching

7:00am–  Meal 1- Whey protein shake ( 30 g), 3/4 cup of oatmeal

9:00am– Meal 2- 6 hard boiled egg whites, 2 slices of light Rye bread

11:45am– Meal 3- Baked chicken ( 6oz), whole grain mustard, 1/2 cup brown rice, mixed veggies

2:30pm- Meal 4- Turkey Sandwich (6 oz), 2 slices Ezekial bread, mustard

5:00pm– Meal 5- Baked chicken with whole grain mustard, 1/2 cup blue berries and kiwi

7:00pm– Workout (chest)- Incline flies, incline dumbbell bench press, Hammer Strength chest press, DB pull-overs, cable-crossovers

9:00pm– Meal 6- 93% lean ground Sirloin, Sweet potato fries, 2 slices Ezekial bread, organic ketchup, house salad, Vinegrette

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