Manufacturing Success…in my opinion.

Without the ability to see into the future it can be hard to tell if what we are doing is progressive. Whether it is in regards to getting better grades, losing fat, or making more money, we just do what we think works and roll with it. We then hope for the best. The smart ones in the bunch will try to program their success, create a system. They know that if they study for 1 hour each day they should do well on the test. That’s the plan at least.

As an entrepreneur I have to work hard on trying to forecast my future months and years in advance. I can not afford (literally) to just show up at work and punch in. Unfortunately balancing a career and business with all its aspects does not allow me to just “study for 1 hour each night”. Planning and programming for success can often add up to little as an entrepreneur. I am often left with good ideas that never mature, failed attempts at what I thought would work and spending money that I would never get back.

BUT, from all this I have found one key to find the progressive version of myself. Continued success has always come from one thing and it doesn’t matter how you are measuring your success; fat loss, grades, income, muscle gain, etc.

The better your ability at getting yourself to do things that you DON’T WANT to do but NEED to do the more successful you will become. Create your ability to avoid comfort or at least break from it. Over and over again.

Today and moving forward do those things you know you need to do but don’t want to. Call your mother, apologize to your girlfriend, sprint a little faster, write that paper, order veggies over fries and watch yourself improve. Do the things that others are not willing to do. That is how we separate ourselves from the pack and that is how we become better versions of ourselves.




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