Make a S.M.A.R.T resolution this year, here’s how

Many of us make fitness or health related resolutions for the new year. Most of us fail to reach their goal. Often it is not that we are foolish for making them or even our methods of achieving them but rather how we make them.  It can be the Resolution itself that sets us up for failure. Try the S.M.A.R.T approach…

Specific- Make the goal as specific is possible. Instead of “lose weight”. Set a goal of  losing “5lbs for the next 3 month”.

Measurable- Make your goal quantifiable. “I want to add 1 inch to my biceps”, not “I want bigger arms”.

Attainable- This is about planning the steps to reach your goal. Prepare the right attitude, skills, and abilities. Don’t set a resolution of losing 10lbs if you don’t have the attitude of busting some ass in they gym that goal is not attainable. It is realistic in nature but not attainable.

Realistic- You’ve heard this before. Your resolution HAS to be reachable. This is a common mistake. Everyone is pumped up and motivated for their resolution and set a goal that is going to completely change their body. When the results come slow, they get discouraged and quit. I also think you should set a goal that you KNOW you can reach.

Timely- Instead of a single high goal, set progressions, steps, or levels. Make, “I want to lose 30lbs” into “I want to lose 5lbs a month for the first 6 months of the year”.  Then begin your journey with a much less daunting 5lb loss goal. Wrap a time frame around it. This will also keep you from procrastinating.

If you have a goal in mind and are not sure if it’s good send me an email and I can help you adjust it into a better resolution.

I have also lectured on goal setting in regards to health and fitness. If you have a group or organization interested in  my public speaking contact me at [email protected]

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