Loving Your Body is Not Just for Narcisists

I find that at the root of many people’s unhappiness and depression is that fact that they do not love or even like their body. I think it has an affect on the other components of your everyday life including mood, confidence, happiness and how you treat other people. The way someone communicates may stem from their body perception.

You are walking in to the top floor office of the CEO for an interview. Are you comfortable in the way your clothes fit? How’s your posture and gait as you walk in? Do you shine with health? This is the boss man’s first look. This is your first step in communicating with him.

There is no escaping your body so everyday that you wake up displeased with how you look or feel in the mirror adds up.   Soon enough you don’t believe that even if you tried you’d see someone different. Time continues to pass. The mentality and effort to do something about it fades away like low tide.

On the  other side I find that those who love their body are happier people and often more pleasant to be around. It is no coincidence that coaches and trainers are viewed as being energetic and positive people. We are constantly moving and smiling and that rubs off on people. That stems from loving our bodies. We enjoy how it feels and looks along with the out-put we get in return during workouts.

Trying to improve your physique is not narcissistic  That is an excuse for people having difficulty loving theirs. Everyone deserves to love their body and anyone can with hard work and discipline. You will NEVER regret putting in the hard work to do so.

Let the romance begin.



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