Life is a Countdown

Me with my nephew Logan.

Life is a countdown. We are born on day 1 and we will expire “X” amount of days after. That sounds a bit morbid but it was a crucial paradigm and continues to be for me to get and stay in shape.

Much like quitting smoking those trying to lose weight go up and down with momentary success and failure. Their hopes stay strong but they lack the planning and execution to get the job done. The time passes and hope fades. Unfortunately we do not have an unlimited amount of time on earth. The Countdown continues. We have little time to waste, at least that’s how I look at things.

In the past when I was over weight and wanted to change the way I looked and felt I made an important decision one day. I decided that the sooner I get in shape the more time I’ll get to enjoy it over my life time. The more time left on the clock the better, if you will.

Everyday day wasted not getting closer to your goal is one less day you’ll get to enjoy it on the other end. Take control of the things you can in life while you still have it because whether you like it or not it’s getting shorter.

Now get after it.

– Josh Gould

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