Let the handles go!

A problem that I see in the gym, everyday, is men and women chugging away on the treadmill set at an incline. The problem is not walking at an incline it’s the fact that they are holding on to the handles for dear life. Some put the hands on the handles, some, if walking at an extreme incline, often hold the top of the treadmill’s front panel.

What you may not understand is that if you’re walking at an incline but leaning back with you hands stuck to the machine your body becomes perpendicular with the treadmill again, which has the same affect as walking with the treadmill with no incline. Don’t believe me? Keep the machine at the same incline and take your hands off and see how long you last. It’s like hiking and that’s the whole point.

If you are calorie conscious and keep your eye on the treadmill’s calorie counter you’ll think you are at a great advantage walking at an incline (it burns many more calories). However, the treadmill doesn’t know you’re holding on to it and leaning back. So, you’re not burning nearly as many calories as you think you are.

My recommendations;

It will take time to get used to walking at an incline (the real way) so slow it down or lower the treadmill’s angle. I do recommend walking at an incline (I do it all the time) but do it the right way. Check out my “Cardio” section and start burning real calories.


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