Kim Kardashian is lying out of her ass….literally

If you watched the Super Bowl and that poor excuse for a half time show you saw the steamy Kim Kardashian Skecher’s “Shape-Ups” commercial.  In the commercial Kardashian claims that she got her gigantic, anti-gravity tush from wearing Shape-Ups.

Unfortunately, God is the only one with the power to build a booty of that scale. Anyway, let’s get to the point. The Shape-Ups commercials are very tempting but according to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), “simply no evidence to support the claims that these shoes will help wearers exercise more intensely, burn more calories or improve muscle strength and tone.” ACE performed two different studies over the summer and found no difference between Skecher’s shoes and regular sneakers.

In their defense, Skechers has performed three studies showing the shoes’ benefits and refutes ACE’s findings.

I think that initially the shoes may make the legs feel “different” while walking, but the same thing would happen if I started wearing high heels. The body would adapt to the shape so quickly that no noticeable difference would be made. As far as exercising goes the shoes appear harmful to me.  When performing the basic leg exercises such as lunges and squats a rounded sole would be the last thing you want. The flatter the shoe the better and barefoot is ideal (I often perform deadlifts and squats in socks). In fact, I would make a client of mine remove them before training together.

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