Keeping the trainee interested

One of the most important aspects of personal training is keeping the trainee or client interested in exercise and the trainer’s programming. We know that maintaining an exercise program is necessary to achieveĀ  improvements in our fitness. To continue and maintain an exercise program, like anything else we continue to do, we need to be interested in it.

A personal trainer’s success relies on their ability to create interesting training programs. This may include new exercises, variations of exercises, gimmicks, games, etc. We should try to avoid redundancy and boring workouts. A trainer must have good creativity and an encyclopedia’s worth of exercises in their head.

In my short career I have been complimented on my ability to create new challenging workouts. I do this simply to keep the interest in my clients peaked. Happy clients equals more clients and more income. After all, this is my career.

Here lies the difficulty and the “conflict of interest”. These extravagant, complex, and wild exercises one might see on TV or in magazines might be fun and topical but it does not necessarily mean they are effective. In many cases they are less effective. Week after week new “styles” of exercising make their way to you through the media. In general the creators behind these programs and even exercise inventions are merely trying to reinvent the wheel and are unnecessary.

Speaking honestly, it can be tough training clients. I must keep them interested in exercising while knowing that the basics are a betterĀ fit for reaching their goals. I must retain my clients and earn more, so I must attempt to balance programs with “fun” exercises and the basics that get the job done.

So keep in mind when working out or working with a trainer, new exciting exercises may not necessarily work better. There is a reason that exercises like bench presses, deadlifts, squats, military presses, lunges, etc have stood the test of time. Of course we can’t ignore the power of interest in maintaining our workout programs.

Somethings we just have to learn to love!

-Josh Gould

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