Jillian Michaels ruined my morning…

I just had a long weekend which means I’m starting a short work week today! Whyam I all upset? I’m annoyed I guess. A physical therapist and friend of mine asked me where I wanted to be professionally in 5 years. I replied by saying that as long as I build my business with integrity I will get everything I deserve. It’s easy to say but how far can you go with integrity? To me, those fitness experts that you see the most, the ones found in more mainstream media such as television and popular magazines don’t have much integrity. I have expressed before that I am not a Jillian Michaels fan. When did she throw away her integrity and start selling laxative in a bottle and call it a “jump start” to your diet. Was it the huge check in her face? Does she really not believe this stuff is junk? Would I do the same thing? Am I just being a “hater”?

She does inspire people to exercise and improve their health. I can’t deny that. I guess I’m just a bit embarrassed that she is the most recognized person with a similar job title as mine. There is a thin line between businessman and responsible health educator. Is it possible to ride that line? I plan to find out. I once read that having a conscious is rarely a good business decision.  That sucks to hear but I guess I agree.

Deep down I guess I feel like “momma bear” protecting her young. The general public, my clients, fans, and followers are my cubs. Sometimes I want to put my hands over your ears and block the things I don’t want you to hear. Mainstream media is not the place to learn about hollistic health but it is what reaches the masses and all day I find myself clearing misconceptions. I guess once and a while it gets under my skin.


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  • Marian Chella

    Integrity can be a fragile thing. One’s integrity is tested often in a world where having a conscious is rarely a good business decision. I believe this is where the world has gone wrong. No one has a conscious anymore and people are more concerned with me, myself and I. My dad had a saying about people who were self-centered and only thought about what would benefit them: “Hooray for me and the hell with you.” I’m glad he taught me that people matter and not material things. Hang on to your integrity Josh. We need more people like you in the world–that is what helps make it a better place. If we all just caved in where would we be?

  • jgould

    Thank you for your input Marian. It is much appreciated!