Is Diet or Exercise Best For Weight Loss?

I thought this statement sums up my feelings on the importance of diet over exercise when it comes to weight loss. Check it out.          

–  If present trends continue, 43 percent of Americans will be obese in just eight years. Obesity is contributing to the public health nightmare in the United States. In spite of spending more money per capita on medical care than any other country, we rank 31st in the world in life expectancy and 19th in deaths from preventable conditions such as obesity. Experts have argued vigorously about the causes of the obesity epidemic. Some say that physical inactivity is the culprit, while others claim that increased caloric intake is the cause.

            Critics of the physical inactivity hypothesis claim that the caloric expenditure from exercise is not significant enough to trigger widespread obesity. An editorial by James Hill in the journal Obesity and Weight Management stated that both caloric restriction and exercise are necessary for weight control, and that concentrating on only one factor is dumb. (Obesity Weight Management, 5: 195-196, 2009)

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