I’m sick of the word -Toning-

I am SICK of the word “toning”. Why?: 1. It’s all I hear all day.

Me: “So what are your fitness goals.”

Trainee: “Wellll, I want to lose a couple pounds and get toned.” (+70% of new clients answer in this way)

2. The second reason I hate the word “toning” is because it’s not a REAL word. It’s totally made up! It’s basically for marketing purposes. “Toning” is not found in exercise physiology related literature. It is found on the cover of magazines, blogs, and flyers.

3. Everyone knows what “toning” is but no one can explain to me how to become “toned” or even what “toned” is.

Let me set things straight. There is NO specific way to train to become “toned”. Aerobics, Sculpt, Body Pump, Zumba, high reps, ellipticals, Pilates- can all make you “toned” but none of them are necessarily any better than any other form of training.

Let me explain. ANY style of training or training practices that help you lose weight OR gain/maintain lean muscle can get you “toned”. Toned is some where on the scale from being “ripped” to “bulky” (2 more made up words). If you are muscular and you lose fat you will become “toned”. If you are very lean and gain muscle you will become “toned”. So, now you can see that the training style to become “toned” is specific to your needs and body.

The most effective ways of training that I have found to become this created “toned” look is weight training effective enough to stimulate lean muscle growth paired with a diet and cardio program that allows some one to stay lean.  Without adequate muscle you will never feel tight and if you have larger amounts of fat covering the muscle you will always look soft.

Hopefully I’ve not completely confused you.

P.S.- All those “toning” shoes are bullsh*t.  Pardon my English.


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