I’m reading a book of my own thoughts

I’m confused, annoyed, happy, shocked, bewildered…..I’m….well, I don’t know what I am  right now. I’m discouraged a bit. I’m 30 pages into a book called The 4-Hour Body by author Timothy Ferriss. Ferriss is known for his very outside-the-box thinking from his book The 4-Hour Workweek. He takes all popular beliefs and throws them out the fucking window and not only shows you how to do things differently but goes out and does them with remarkable success. Pessimists get annoyed and believers change their lives from his words.

The 4-Hour Body is a “uncommon guide” to health and fitness. Weight loss, muscle building, cholesterol, sex, it’s got everything. Again, it has that “throw all popular beliefs out the fucking window” attitude to it.

My eyes grow wider as I read. I am reading my own thoughts about all things regarding exercise and diet. A feeling of comfort comes over me because a well known author has now sided with me in some sense. At the same time I’m annoyed that I didn’t write the book! I am discouraged because I always felt that explaining things was a strength of mine and he has taken the same ideas but has put them in words that I could never. I always knew that my methods were different than others in the field. I have confidence in all my methods. And here I am reading my thoughts. “All calories aren’t the same”, holy shit I try to tell people that. He even used my example of eating a cooking in regards to how long it would take to burn it off. Boom, talks about macro-nutrient ratios….that is the base of my diet plans! My eyes get wider and wider. I think to myself, “what the F is going on here”. Again I am happy we agree on the same principles but annoyed no one listens to me (ok, not everyone, the ones that do get every result they wanted)! I’m totally discouraged by his superior ways of explaining things.

I read on. “Minimum Effective Dose”, he explains as doing just enough to ilicit a response by the body. My mind zooms back to a memory of myselfexplaining to  a client I put on a cutting diet that he should only do the amount of cardio I prescribed and no more. I said to Sean, “We want to do the minimum amount of cardio that keeps us losing weight, if we do more it will be harder to lose weight down the line.”  The author then goes over “cheat meals” and cycling calories, again to principles of my diet plans. He even discusses his hatred for fictional words like “toning” and I’m like “shit, didn’t I write an article on the same subject?” Women and men should be trained the same……weird I feel the same way. Is anyone listening to me?

Then it all comes to the climax. Ferriss writes about his annoyance of those in the field that discard bodybuilder’s expertise. He explains that scientists, professors, doctors view them as amateurs or renegades of the industry.  Ferris and I both agree very strongly that we should put aside the common judgements of a bodybuilder: tanning, oil, speedos, steroids, etc,  and take them for what they are, masters of two things that we all want to do, build muscle and lose fat. “Masters” might be an understatement because many, after all, are professionals. They have more practice at those two things than anyone on the planet but because they may not have formal education on the subject their advice means nothing.


Tonight I’ll be training in the gym with a female who wants to get “toned”. I’ll explain to her exactly what we are going to do and why (because I explain EVERYTHING that I do). I’ll say, “we are going to use many bodybuilding techniques” and right on que she will grimace and say, “well I don’t want to bulk up”. I will smirk, to hide that small part of me that dies in realization that everyone believes in these fictional myths and that they are turned off by the very techniques that I shape all my clients with unparalleled success…..sigh.

Right now I’ll go back to the comfort of the words on the page. I’m sure I’ll be venting again.


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