I saw my favorite thing today…

I saw one of my favorite things today while driving on Storrow Drive. A long the Esplanade, a park that runs along the Charles River here in Boston, runners, bikers, and walkers all come to enjoy the paths with the Boston skyline across the street. This area is what helps rank Boston as one of the healthiest cities in the U.S..

This time it wasn’t the scenery that I enjoyed seeing. It was a woman running. She wasn’t one of those flawless runners that makes it seem as though the pavement is a cushion, bouncing along effortlessly. I’m so jealous of those people. This woman was in fact obese. Moving at perhaps 3mph, she ran like hell. Chubby arms pumping up and down, thighs rubbing, headband looking for an escape.  BUT, she was RUNNING. She could’ve walked, she probably wanted to walk but she didn’t. There were women with strollers walking faster than her. I was so proud. She was doing something she didn’t want to but refused to quit. Who cares how she looked. It always makes me want to pull over, catch up to them, put my arm around them and tell her, “don’t quit…this gets easier…day after day you will reach your goal…just don’t quit”. She might be the slowest person on the trail but she’s the hardest working and that’s all that matters.  I applaud anyone who chooses to run even when they think they can’t. Those are the people I know will reach their goals.



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