How to get Yoga on the cheap

Hey Sassy, where can I get Yoga on the cheap?

-By The Sassy Yogini  Nicole Burrill

While there is no better way to spend your money than investing in your physical, spiritual and mental health, yoga can get pricey. Here are some sassy-sure ways to stretch your yoga-buck:

Monthly Memberships: Almost all studios offer monthly memberships that are a great idea if you frequent the same studio and can make about 10 classes a month. Many offer additional discounts if you are on their auto-renew program, or if you are a student with a valid-ID. Some studios (like Back Bay Yoga) also offer free mat-storage for monthly members.

Community Classes: One of Sassy’s favorite things about yoga is that almost all studios offer discounted classes ($5/$10) often called “Community Classes” so that everyone in the community can share the gift of yoga. Usually taught by top-notch instructors and very often the studio-owners themselves, these classes are a great way to try out new teachers and new studios and they always have a fantastic vibe. Sometimes yogis just finishing teacher training will hold community classes – I’ll be at South Boston Yoga this Saturday March 5th at 4pm for a Community Class being lead by 7 of the “Newest & Flyest” teachers from SoBoYo’s teacher training program.

New Student Special: Can’t stress enough what a great deal these are! Generally about $20-$25 for 2 weeks, or $40 for a month, most studios offer new students (and that means student of yoga – not college student) unlimited yoga for 2 weeks/30 days/a month for an unbeatable price. Perfect motivation to get a lot of classes in and really get the feel of a place. Sassy highly recommends finding a studio that is convenient if you are going to go this route! Either near your home, near your work, a place that has classes that align with your schedule etc. And after you sign up sit down and plan the classes you are going to take so you make sure you go. Because you will fall in love!

Volunteers: Some of the bigger studios offer free classes in exchange for volunteering before and after class. Volunteers are often asked to do basic housekeeping, like mopping up the sweat-drenched floors after Baptiste classes :). Sassy is pretty sure Prana Newton offers free classes in exchange for delivering food from Prana Cafe to Whole Foods – and they are always looking for help with their super-fun kids classes!

Groupons Etc: In the last 6 months alone I have purchased Groupons or BuyWithMe’s for Prana, Back Bay Yoga and Baptiste. I missed the one to H.Y.P. but will NEVER let that happen again! Sassy will always keep you updated about future deals!

Asssiting: If you love love love your yoga, training to become an assistant isn’t a bad idea AT ALL! Prana has an Assistant Training Program coming up which will pay for itself after 15 assists!

Other Cool Deals: Stick with Sassy and I will keep you in the know about lots of other cool deals and Open Houses. Places like Sweat & Soul Yoga and Jai Yoga have all classes set at $10 (which is amazing btw and I love you Lynne & Brain for this).  Yoga Sakti in Salem just extended their $5 all-class promotion until March 13th! Lots of studios also offer discounted classes if you bring a friend who is new to the studio.

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  • Mary McManus

    On behalf of all the new yoginis out there, thank you for this low down(ward dog) on pricing for yoga classes and how to get the most bang for your buck!